17 days in the Last Frontier

June 29 - July 15, 2004

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Combat Fishin g at Fish Creek Polygonals on the tundra on the Kotzebue Peninsula Kotzebue Terminal Alaska Nome Salmon in a creek outside of Nome Salmon drying Eleanor transferring her fish to her sled One of Eleanor's Sled Dogs Smoked Salmon Salmon drying on the beach Salmon drying on the beach Eleanor cutting up salmon Eleanor cutting up fish on the beach Eleanor on the beach Gold dredge on the Teller Road Nome's Front Street People on Nome's Front Street Milage sign Eileen in the big tourist gold pan Eileen & Matt in the big tourist gold pan Gold panner and church in Anvil City Square Gas prices at Tesoro House of Bargains Explorer statue Don Young election poster Nome's Subway Alaska Eileen on an abandoned gold dredge Our Stampede Rental Truck Gold Dredge Eileen End of the Iditarod sign Bald Eagle Alaska Salmon jumping Juvennile Bad Eagle Bald Eagle Blad Eagle Black Bear Otters Otters Otter Otters Glacier Glacier Tourists Matt & Eileen Tunnel Corn Larry & Eileen eating corn at the Saturday Market Flowers outside the PAC Cabbiage Eileen at the Waylan Wall Matt & Eileen on Flattop Mountain Flattop Mountain trails Mt. McKinley (20,320') Mt. McKinley (20,320') Sunrise & Sunset times Oil Pipeline Map of the pipeline A reindeer at the Santa Claus House A tourist sleeping outside the Santa Claus House The Eileen on the Alaska Railroad Alaska Railroad Eyes of a sled dog A National Park Ranger demonstraiting a dogsledding Fireweed Caribou Caribou Caribou Tourist Bus Caribou Caribou Ground Squirrel Bears and tourists about to mix in Denali National Park Tourist bus & Mt. McKinley Mt. McKinley from Wonder Lake Caribou Eileen and a caribou rack Porta Potties Eileen & Matt Caribou Wolf on a dead caribou Beaver in Houseshoe Lake Moose near the Visitor's Center Moose near the Visitor's Center Alaska Railroad pulling into Denali National Park Observation car on the Alaska Railroad Captive Deer Captive Deer Captive Moose Captive Moose Captive Bald Eagle Captive Bald Eagle Captive Bald Eagle Eileen Matt Captive Owl Captive Black Bear Captive Caribou Cabin Kids Don't Float Underwater thingy Underwater thingy Captive Horned Puffin at the Seward Sea Life Center A man reading a paper in front of the large sea tank People in front of a sea tank Large cruise ship at Seward Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Eileen taking a photo Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Scratches in the rocks where Exit Glacier has receeded Exit Glacier Exit Glacier A flower in front of the Exit Glacier Cheap Beer & Lousy Food... Mountaon Marathon (3,022') Samon on display Samon on display An amazing haul of fish (2.5 hours of fishing for 5 people!) Seward dock supports A dog and his fish Cabin A wall... Russian Church Homer Sign An American tourist stretching after a long drive Flowers on the Homer Hill Flowers on the Homer Hill Homer Spit at Sunset Salty Dog Matt on a big fish A salmon fighting up the Russian River Falls The Russian River Falls