World-record wind sign on the summit

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire (6,288')

Huntington Ravine Trail (AMC)

September, 1998

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From the 26th Edition of the White Mountain Guide:

Caution: This is the most difficult regular hiking trail in the White Mountains.  
Many of the ledges demand proper use of handholds for safe passage, and extreme caution 
must be excercised at all times...  Do not attempt this trail if you tend to feel queasy 
or have difficulty on ledges on ordinary trails...  

This trail is very dangerous when wet or icy, and its use for descent at any time 
is strongly discouraged.

We checked the current conditions and the forecast at the Pinkham Notch visitor's center before starting up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail towards the Huntington Ravine Trail turn-off, 1.3 miles to the west...

Milage and elevation log:

The headwall, gaining 650 feet in 0.3 miles

The trail was a good workout, but it wasn't nearly as bad as its reputation. To be fair, we were blessed by great weather in the lower part of the ravine, and although the wind was 60+ miles an hour up top, we wern't beaten up by the mountain as many others have been...

Photos from the trail:

In the boulders below the headwall At the top of the Huntington Ravine Trail, at the Nelson Craig Trail Approaching the Summit Complex from near Ball Craig (6,112') Summit photo with a drive-up tourist in the background! Summit parking lot Matt at the top of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail Looking back up towards the summit
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