The tram cables

Mt. San Jacinto, California (10,804')

May 8 & 9, 1999

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At the tram BIG The squirrel BIG Stream Crossing BIG Katie bouldering BIG David and Katie on the rock BIG Matt purifying water BIG Camp dinner BIG David getting water from the spring BIG Sign at 9,700' - Wellman's Divide BIG David at Wellman's Divide BIG David BIG The Visitor's Center at the top of the tram BIG Katie just below the summit BIG San Gorgonio from the summit BIG The path back from Folly's Peak BIG David saying Happy Mother's Day to his mom BIG Looking back up at the top of the tram BIG The hut near the summit BIG The effect of altitude back at 2,000 feet BIG

revised: 19 August, 2001