Lawn Bowling at the Miramar Bowling Club

March 9, 2004

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The Playing Area:

1(a). The playing area shall be a mat of green material approved by the New Zealand Bowls Federation.
1(b). The mat shall be approximately 6.7 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.
1(c). At each end there shall be distinctly marker a bowling area the width of which shall be between 500 and 520 millimetres. The front edge shall be between 600 and 620 millimetres from the end of the mat. The sides of the bowling area shall be parallel to the sides of the mat and equidistant from them.

The mat bowling James bowling the jack bowling Bowling Bowls

The Jack:

2(a). The jack shall be white, sphereical and of a material approved by the Federation.
2(b). Its diameter shall be between 50.8 and 52.4 millimetres and its weight between 135 and 149 grams.

The Jack

The Bowl:

3(a). Bowls shall be made of materials approved by the Federation.
3(b). A set of bowls shall consist of sixteen, eight of black and eight of a contrasting colour, all made by the sama manufacturer and of the same model.
3(c). They shall have a draw of not less than 840 millimetres in a run of 5.50 metres on an approved test table.
3(d). Their size and weight shall be within the following limits. 95.4 to 100 millimetres and 624 to 666 grams.

The Bowls The Bowl A Bowl A Bowl A bowl The Bowl


7. Bowling is the action of rolling a bowl or jack along the mat. A Bowl or jack is deemed to have been bowled when it has both left the hand and passed wholly beyond the front line of the bowling area

Jacqui getting ready for some bowls Jacqui getting some last-minute tips Jacqui bowling James bowling bowling bowling