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WELLINGTON - After three years of snubbing the mobile community, wireless recluse Matt Mueller has emerged from his signal-blocking cave and, once again, fully embraced the warm bosom of mobile technology by purchasing a Nokia mobile telephone. By paying a meager monthly sum to the good people at Vodafone, Matt can be reached anytime, anywhere. "I'm still not sure if this is a good thing", admits Mueller while texting a friend, playing a game of "Snakes" and phoning for some take-away curry... An estimated 80 million people worldwide use mobile phones daily. Matt didn't get that memo and has been living a blissful, yet out-of-contact existance since giving away his two cell phones in mid-2000. To call or text Matt (wherever he may be), dial these numbers: 021-387-555 (within New Zealand) +64 21 387-555 (from outside New Zealand) For more information about how to contact Matt, point your web browser to: http://www.muellerworld.com/contact_info Posted: April 2, 2003

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